How to Plant Seeds Outside

How to plant seeds outside is a question that many newcomers to gardening ask. People worldwide know everyone craves homegrown plants. Nothing in the world is quite like a flowered to perfection batch of homegrown flowers, fruits, vegetables or cannabis. In this article, we’re going to learn how to plant those seeds outside to get that homegrown effect you’re looking for.  There’s more to just planting a seed outside than just dropping it in the ground. There’s a process involved in making sure your seed will grow and flower to its full potential. It’s not an impossible process as many people do it every year. With a few tips and giving it a shot yourself, you’ll be able to grow some of the best homegrown plants around.

Selecting a location to grow your homegrown seeds is vitally important to the success of your crop. Depending on the type of seed you are cultivating you will need to determine whether you need full sunlight or partial sunlight. Once you have this factor figured out it’s time to choose the perfect spot. Keep in mind that people and wildlife can be detrimental to any point that you should choose to grow outdoors. Having the ability to keep people and wildlife away from the area you choose to plant seeds outside is always a great idea. With a little strategic planning, a spot that is perfect can be found.

Once you found a spot to plant your seeds that you like you can place them in the ground and let them grow. If you have already germinated your seeds then you’re ahead of the game. Once your plants are in the ground you are on your way to watching them grow. Now all you have to do is protect them from the elements. Sometimes this could be keeping people from coming by and picking the flowers prematurely or keeping wildlife from turning your beautiful flowers into a salad.

Maintaining Outdoor Plants

Maintaining outdoor plants is not a difficult task when you do a little simple prep work first. An old method of keeping down on the traffic to and from your plants is using 2-liter or 3-liter containers for watering. The containers can have the bottoms cut off and be turned upside down and fastened to a stake. A small hole can be placed in the cap and rubber tubing or hose can then be placed. By simply pinching the end of the tube with a small clamp or clip you can create a slow drip process that will water your plants over time eliminating how many times you much go to and from your plants to provide them with the water they need to grow.

How to Plant Seeds Outside That Don’t Get Noticed

If you’re looking to plant seeds outside and not have them noticed there is a surefire method that works almost all the time. Instead of planting your seeds in the ground outside plant your seeds in pots outside. Don’t place the pots on the ground. While the plants are very small still climb up in a tree and nail the planter to the edge of the tree. This way the plant will get natural shade, sunlight, and water. The two liter or 3-liter watering method mentioned above comes in great handy in these situations.

By planting seeds in pots outside and placing them in trees the only thing you have to watch out for is the birds and the bees. Occasionally that old phrase when pigs fly can bite you in the arse should a bear in the air give your particular plants a dirty stare. By placing them in the protective covering of the canopy of the trees they stand a better chance of flowering to perfection. Today we have to go to extreme distances to keep our homegrown plants safe.

How to Avoid Being Caught Planting Seeds Outside

Planting seeds outside and growing them to full maturity is easier to do when fewer people know about where your seeds are growing. By not letting people see where your seeds are you reduce the chances that someone’s going to come by and steal or wreck your crop. Nothing’s worse than taking the time to flower a garden to perfection only to have thieves in the night come by and steal your sweet rewards. For this reason, indoor growing is very successful but just does not reap the rewards or benefits of planting seeds outside. By employing a few tactics such as camo screening and picking a discreet spot you can avoid being detected when planting seeds outside giving your crop a better chance of flowering to perfection.

With all of this in mind, it’s now time for you to plant seeds of your own outside. Take into consideration the results you are after and try to determine just how safe your home grown plants will be. Now you have the tools necessary to know how to grow the home grown plants you’re after and how to plant seeds outside.