How to Sow Seeds in Pots

How to sow seeds in pots is a simple question with an easy answer. If you have dreamed of having an indoor flower garden then it’s high time you learn how to sow seeds in pots. You will need some basic supplies to get started. Some of the supplies you can pick up at your local store or may already have around your home. A pot to plant your seeds in and some soil are two of the basic necessities. Your seeds are the next important item you will have to have.

Acquiring quality seeds can be done easily by purchasing seeds online. When you go online to purchase seeds you will find out there is a wide array of gardening tools available and a wide selection of different seeds for you to choose from. You may choose to purchase all of your indoor potting supplies online or you could choose to pick up what you need at your local gardening supply store. Once you have your pot, your seeds, and your soil you are almost ready to start sowing seeds in pots.

You will want to fill your pot about three-quarters of the way with healthy soil. A bio living soil such as a Fox Farm soil is a great suggestion. There are many other soils you can choose but it is advisable to steer clear from soils that contain a lot of salts or added fertilizers. These compounds could shock or harm seeds during the germination process when valuable sugars are released.

After filling your pot three quarters of the way with soil it’s time to add your seeds. Simply sow the seeds into the pot by placing them at the suggested depth into the soil as suggested on your seed packaging. With many types of seeds, some people will choose to germinate the seeds before planting them directly into the soil. If this is the method you have chosen there are a few different ways that you can germinate your seeds. One of the most common is to place the seeds inside of a folded wet napkin or paper towel to germinate over a course of a few days. During this time a small plant will emerge from the seed leaving behind the shell.

Your seedling is now ready to be planted into soil. The next step is to simply place the seedling in your soil all the way up to where the leaves are almost covered. From here your seedling will take root and begin to grow with a little love and patience. Be sure not to over water your seed as this is a mistake many growers make when sowing seeds in pots.

Once your seedling is planted in the soil in your pot it is time to make sure that it gets the proper amount of shade and light. Be sure to place your pot in front of the window allowing it to get some natural sunlight or outside in a greenhouse where it can thrive. Watering your plant is very important but remember not to overwater it. The only type of plants that do not require a heavy watering is succulents. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor watching your little plant germinate into something bountiful and fruitful like you originally desired.

As you see sowing seeds in pots is not a very hard task. Anybody can do it and you will find that it opens doors to a whole new world of cultivating friendships, therapeutic enjoyment and much more. In many different regions around the world, cannabis legalization is emerging and is allowing people to cultivate cannabis seeds indoors. Sowing the seeds in pots will allow you to grow crops you’re going to love a lot. If you by chance live in a place where it is legal to grow cannabis seeds then you know what I mean. You get the therapeutic benefits of growing an incredible plant combined with an amazing medicine.

Plants provide oxygen and other essential vitamins and elements needed for life here on Earth and it is believed by many that cultivating plants helps to increase both mental and emotional health. Lucky for us cultivating plants is an easy task and it all starts with learning how to sow seeds outdoors or in a pot.  For some this will come naturally while for others it will be a process of trial and error before they will grow something successfully but everyone who tries and refuses to give up can eventually find their flow when it comes to the seeds they sow. If you are looking for a hobby that you are going to love a lot take up the hobby of sowing seeds in a pot.